Originally posted in the NAHU Newswire, 01/06/2015.

The Kansas City (MO) Star (1/6, Davis) reports on Thursday H&R Block Inc. offices will provide free advice to taxpayers “about the health reform’s impact on taxes.” The Star quotes a statement from Block Tax Institute executive director Kathy Pickering, who said “Our research indicates that many consumers may be in for a surprise at tax time,” in the form of “a penalty for being uninsured” or a smaller-than-expected tax refund if “they had to pay back some of the Advanced Premium Tax Credit.”

The Hill (1/6, Ferris) reports H&R Block President and CEO Bill Cobb said in a press release, “The Affordable Care Act has made health care a tax issue and is going to make filing taxes more complicated this year.” He added that the company has given its employees extensive training on “the tax implications of the ACA.”