California Local Minimum Wage Increases

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California Local Minimum Wage Increases

On July 1, 2023, numerous cities and counties across California will increase their hourly minimum wage. The new rates are as follows:

Alameda: $16.52
Berkeley: $18.07
Emeryville: $18.67
Fremont: $16.80
Long Beach hotels with 100+ guest rooms: TBD
Los Angeles City: $16.78
Los Angeles City hotels with 60+ guest rooms: $19.73
Unincorporated Los Angeles County: $16.90
Malibu: $16.90
Milpitas: $17.20
Pasadena: $16.93
San Francisco: $18.07
Santa Monica: $16.90
Santa Monica hotels: $19.73
West Hollywood (now the same for all employers): $19.08

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