Blue Shield of California Member Alert

Blue Shield of California Member Alert Blue Shield of California – Incorrect Out of State Provider Termination Notices Beginning April 1, 2024, members outside of California may have received an erroneous Continuity of Care (COC) provider termination letter or email. This occurred due to a data entry error outside of the control of Blue Shield of California. As a result,

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8 ways to help support workplace health and well-being

By: Ray Fabius, M.D., FAAP, FACPE | April 3,2024 Producers play a critical role in supporting organizations toward a culture of health and well-being. As such, they advise on designing and implementing health programs that align with a company’s values and leadership’s vision. By understanding the importance of leadership support and management alignment, they play a role in helping organizations

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5 ways to make sure your wellness benefits are hitting the mark

Lee Hafner | March 19,2024 | Employee Benefits News Employers build benefits packages with the best of intentions, but too many options or the wrong ones altogether can frustrate employees and drain company resources. Nearly half of employees said they are confused by parts of their benefits plans in a recent survey by MetLife, while other studies place the number as high as 85%.

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6 ways to plan for a bright future beyond renewals

 Ed Ligonde, Eric Silverman | January 24, 2024 6 ways to plan for a bright future beyond renewals Employee benefit brokers play a pivotal role in helping organizations provide competitive and comprehensive benefits to their employees. However, there is a common misconception that producers’ duties end with annual renewals in a mad dash to the Q4 finish line — now in our

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Annual Employee Benefits Compliance Responsibilities On January 1st

December 5, 2023 | Source: Word & Brown, by Paul Roberts The start of each year marks an important date for employers as they face annual compliance responsibilities related to their health plans, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and COBRA. Staying on top of these regulations is crucial for compliance and to avoid significant non-compliance penalties. Benefits advisors and insurance brokers play a

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How to ensure your company makes the most of its benefits dollars

EBN | J.R. Clark | 09/07/2023 Record-setting inflation and general economic uncertainty are causing everyone to exercise caution, including employers. Although some experts suggest the “great resignation” has subsided, the number of Americans who quit their jobs actually accelerated in late 2022. People are leaving their jobs in search of things like better pay, more flexible work arrangements, and increased vacation time. While

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Smart healthcare benefits can increase life expectancy by 12 years

Deanna Cuadra | August 3, 2023 | Employee Benefits News In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. life expectancy dropped by over two years to 76.4, the lowest it’s been in two decades. But Americans still have a shot at living longer, healthier lives than previous generations — especially if employers are willing to rethink their approach to healthcare. By 2040, the average

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Connecting the dots so benefit initiatives work together

Lydia G. Jilek | July 20, 2023 Employers have focused significant time and energy over the last several years developing benefits programs for employees that support them in critical areas, but how many employees really understand them? And more importantly, how many people truly take advantage of them in the way they were intended? A thoughtfully designed benefits program will

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Employees want weight loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy. Can employers afford them?

By: Stephanie Schomer | June 21, 2023 A wave of interest in trending weight loss drugs, fueled by headline-dominating celebrity slim-downs, is causing some employers to see their healthcare costs skyrocket. Now, leaders are turning to benefit providers, advisers and innovators to help them quell costs and offer alternative solutions to treat obesity and manage weight. The medications in question, including Ozempic,

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What is PCORI filing?

Question: What is PCORI filing? Answer: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to study clinical effectiveness and health outcomes. To finance the institute’s work, a small annual fee—commonly called the PCORI fee—is charged on group health plans. PCORI filing is generally not required for standalone, self-funded dental or vision plans if they are considered “excepted benefits.” A plan

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