How to ensure your company makes the most of its benefits dollars

EBN | J.R. Clark | 09/07/2023 Record-setting inflation and general economic uncertainty are causing everyone to exercise caution, including employers. Although some experts suggest the “great resignation” has subsided, the number of Americans who quit their jobs actually accelerated in late 2022. People are leaving their jobs in search of things like better pay, more flexible work arrangements, and increased vacation time. While

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What is pay transparency, and how does it help employers?

Sarah| PHR, SHRM-CP Pay transparency refers to sharing information about pay with applicants, employees, and possibly the entire world. While some states and localities require that employers include a pay range with job postings, many employers now choose to do this on their own to stay competitive. But pay transparency can be taken much further. Employers that really want to

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Connecting the dots so benefit initiatives work together

Lydia G. Jilek | July 20, 2023 Employers have focused significant time and energy over the last several years developing benefits programs for employees that support them in critical areas, but how many employees really understand them? And more importantly, how many people truly take advantage of them in the way they were intended? A thoughtfully designed benefits program will

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