Dear [Kaiser members],

We’ll keep bargaining until we reach an agreement
Kaiser Permanente and leaders and members of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions continue bargaining today and have been making progress. We are working hard to reach a fair and equitable agreement that strengthens Kaiser Permanente as a best place to work and ensures that the high-quality care our members expect from us remains affordable and easy to access.

Caring for our members and patients is our top priority
Kaiser Permanente has received formal strike notifications from unions within the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions for Wednesday, October 4 through Friday, October 6. We have contingency plans in place to help ensure members continue to receive safe, high-quality care should a strike occur this week. Because we are such a large organization, with multiple ways that members can access care, any work stoppage will have a different impact on different locations.

Should a strike occur, our hospitals and emergency departments will remain open. Our facilities will continue to be staffed by our physicians, trained, and experienced managers, and staff.  We will augment with qualified contract staff as needed by area and department.

Appointment and facility changes
In preparation for a strike, we have shifted some appointments to virtual care, including phone visits, video visits, and e-chat, if appropriate. We have also rescheduled some appointments, elective surgeries, and procedures. We are contacting impacted members directly – by text, phone call or email – and will share updates on

Kaiser Permanente has taken the precaution of establishing agreements with community hospitals and if members are transferred, a Kaiser Permanente physician will continue to follow their patients’ care.

Pharmacy changes in northern California
Pharmacies at our hospitals and urgent care clinics will remain open for inpatient and critical infusion services. Members can also sign up for our convenient mail order delivery service on or on the Kaiser Permanente app and receive their medications delivered to their door at no extra cost.

Laboratory changes in southern California
Some of our laboratory locations may be temporarily closed or operating with reduced hours in the event of a strike. We encourage members to schedule an appointment online at or using the Kaiser Permanente app.

As a result of this activity, we may experience high call volumes resulting in longer than usual wait times. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate our members’ patience.

For important local updates to our care delivery and guidance on pharmacy access, members should visit:

For more information about our current labor negotiations, visit

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We’ll keep bargaining until we reach an agreement

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