Be the one who starts the workforce mental wellness conversation

It’s our job to empower you, as our clients, with benefits that meet employees’ changing needs

The need for comprehensive mental wellness benefits will only grow. As a percent of total disability claims, mental health-related claims have doubled in the past decade from 7% to 14%.1

These rates can have an impact on your bottom line. Employees with unresolved depression experience a 35% reduction in productivity.2 This contributes to a $210.5 billion annual loss to the US economy in absenteeism, reduced productivity, and medical costs.2

Employers need solutions that help them holistically support each mind they employ, while also helping to bolster productivity. That’s why Guardian has partnered with Spring Health to bring personalized mental wellness benefits to all employees and their families. From therapy to mindfulness exercises, the frequent, proactive outreach these services provide help to drive improved outcomes, and champion employee well-being. -Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

If you would like to hear about the mental health amenities offered by your group’s benefits or to look into benefits that include mental health amenities, please reach out to your producer and account manager(s) or click here to request a consultation.


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